Joseph is a real estate agent who brings passion, focus, perseverance, and an intense work ethic that is infectious. Joseph prides himself on being a quick learner who isn’t afraid to find new challenges and pursue hardships. His constant search for knowledge within the real estate industry makes him an exciting and trustworthy broker to work with in any scenario.

Joseph is grateful to be a part of Dream Town and appreciates other agents he works with. He sees their passion, hard work, and focus and aspires to take on those traits in his own business. This cooperative mentality helps him go to great lengths for any and all of his clients.

Joseph enjoys giving back to the community through teaching and he has a goal to teach others about the real estate industry later in his career. Joseph truly loves helping others achieve their goals. He loves relieving the stress that comes from searching for, buying, or selling a home. Joseph enjoys taking on those hardships for his clients and helping them get exactly what they’re looking for. He works primarily as a leasing agent and as a residential buyer and seller’s agent. Joseph plans to focus on commercial and investment properties in the near future.

Joseph grew up in the Peterson Park neighborhood on the north side of Chicago. He graduated from Xavier University as a history major and has a background working in accounting and management. In his free time, he keeps himself busy with exercising, reading non-fiction books, cooking, traveling, and watching sports. Lately, he has been actively working on becoming a better golfer and a better home cook. Joseph currently works as a full time substitute teacher at Hibbard Elementary School on top of working as a real estate broker.

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